Date:October 05, 2015

Hosted & Cloud Based Phone Systems

Why Hosted? NO capital expense and NO maintenance contracts

Looking for a fast and easy way to increase flexibility, avoid disasters, improve customer satisfaction and dramatically lower costs? We offer award-winning unified communications system hosted in the cloud that can help you do all that and more. Upgrade your entire organization to our cloud phone service for NO capital expense and NO maintenance contracts.


We offer Ring Central’s & Windstream’s Office Suite hosted VoIP Business Phone Systems

The OfficeSuite platform is an easy-to-use, cloud phone system trusted by more than 175,000 business people every day. In addition to desk phones, OfficeSuite now offers cordless phones that are ideal for small businesses. OfficeSuite unifies all your communications in the cloud and requires no out-of-pocket expense for new equipment. It includes everything you need to communicate over the phone, online and via fax—including a complete office phone system, high-quality phones, unlimited calling, common and advanced features, online fax service, as well as Internet access and multi-site data networking options.

Windstream’s business phone systems provide solutions for many business needs to all business sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Best of all, the OfficeSuite virtual phone system is easy. It is easy to set-up, easy to make changes and easy to use. Anyone can make updates online in seconds. OfficeSuite protects you from disasters by making sure you never miss a call and can help you gain new visibility into your organization. Seeing is believing, so ask for a live demonstration of our VoIP business phone system now.

OfficeSuite® Call Center Services

OfficeSuite® Call Center Services are an easy and affordable way to improve customer interactions and employee performance. Our Call Center Services are offered through OfficeSuite’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) option. With OfficeSuite® Call Center Services, even the smallest businesses can enjoy the benefits of Fortune 500-grade call center features without the enterprise-level cost.