Mitel® MiVoice Office HX-5000 Communications Platform

Flexibility: Isn’t that what your business needs in today’s market place.

The Mitel® MiVoice Office HX-5000 Business phone system enables your business to be flexible. Supporting VoIP, digital, cloud based and mobile app sip phones: this blends your voice system into your data network, creating a cost-effective and efficient communications environment. Flexibility and features is what the Mitel® MiVoice Office brings to the table, and at a cost savings never seen before. The Mitel 5000 VoIP-Centric platform incorporates the latest in communications features and software enhancements.

New Mitel® MiVoice Office HX-5000 v6 Features – $5,900.00 in savings:

  • Never miss another phone call with Dynamic Extension Express - This feature can ring your extension and multiple remote phone numbers at the same time - now included
  • Dynamic Extension Handoff - Move calls between office extension and cell phone with one button on your phone
  • Mid Call Features - Transfer and Conference with your office system from your cell phone when on a Dynamic Extension Call
  • Remote Configuration Assistant (Remote Access/Voice Guided) – Users can remotely change Dynamic Extension, DND, Forward Status, Create/Delete Conference Codes, Put the system in Night Mode if admin - now included
  • Remote Web Portal Access – Users have access to call logs, users can change Dynamic Extension, Forward Status, DND, Unified Messaging E-mail account settings, Conference Bridge login numbers via Web Interface - now included
  • Twenty (20) Party Meet-Me Conference Bridge – Imagine the savings when you can create a conference code on the fly and meet with up to 20 party's using the built in conferencing bridge - now included
  • Unified Voice Messaging IMAP E-Mail Synchronization – Sync your voice mails to your Microsoft® Exchange, Lotus Notes®, or Novell® GroupWise® email inbox - now included
  • Upload Music files for Music on Hold
  • VoIP Support – Add remote tele-workers or offices with VoIP extensions - now included, does not include VoIP phone licenses or VoIP phone equipment.
  • VoIP Networking – The Mitel HX 5000 system gives you 6 VoIP Channels to network multiple remote systems together, now included - Additional Channels can be purchased
  • Hot Desking (Hoteling or Cloud Based Extension) – Pull down you cloud based Hot Desk profile to any base extension on your telephone system, eliminate costly service calls when moving employees around your office - now included
  • SIP Support – Supports lower cost VoIP SIP trunks, SIP Phones or SIP Smart Phone apps like Counterpath's Bria® edition for Apple® iPad, iPhone or Google® Droid.
  • Reduce maintenance costs – Flash Memory (no hard drives), Automatic Back-ups, Back-Up Voicemail files to USB drive

The MiVoice Office solution offers both a digital and IP communications platform. This allows your businesses to network geographically dispersed employees and locations.

The MiVoice Office is built on a scalable software and hardware platform that efficiently combines the best of both data networking and TDM switching architectures. The MiVoice Office latest HX-5000 Controller supports digital telephones natively, in addition to built in IP networking.

The MiVoice Office is designed to help scale and protect your investment with add-on modules and processors in a form factor that is optimized for shelf-top, rack-mount, and wall-mount scenarios. The MiVoice Office may be networked with an existing Inter-Tel® Axxess® communications system, offering backwards migration compatibility and expansion of IP networking. The MiVoice Office is expandable to support up to 250 users and multiple networked sites.

The MiVoice Office delivers a fast ROI (return on investment) due to its complete suite of built in business applications which include Unified Voicemail to E-mail Messaging , Hot Desking, 20 Party Meet-Me Conferencing, ACD and enhanced mobility with Dynamic Extension Express (mobile twinning), Teleworking. In addition, the Mitel 5000 CP supports a range of advanced Unified Communications applications via the Mitel Applications Suite (MAS), the Mitel Unified Communicator® (UC) Express and the Mitel Unified Communicator® (UC) Advanced.