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Hybrid Cloud vs. Hosted Cloud? Better Features, Better Savings, it’s Simply a Better Solution

A No Out of Pocket Expense VoIP Phone System Upgrade?

How can we do this?


It’s Simple! See if you qualify below.

We use a proven Hybrid mix of Private Cloud & VoIP consolidated carrier solutions

This reduces your monthly phone line costs by 30-70%

Providing you a return on investment (ROI) in 2 to 5 years


Hybrid Private Cloud Features Include:

  • On-Site Installation & On-Site Staff Training (If you go hosted, you are usually on your own for installation and training)
  • 20 Party Audio Conference Bridges included (More savings? How much do you pay per month on conference calling services)
  • Mobile Twinning to your cell phone or hand-off calls to your cell phone (Creates a mobile office & a mobile workforce)
  • Mobile App Support – Don’t want your customers to have your private cell phone number. Using the mobile app you can make calls from your cell phone on your office phone lines. Connect to your office phone system from anywhere in the world.
  • User Web Portal Access – Users can control their own desktop phone from anywhere.
  • Full On-Site Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Remote support which includes remote programming & automatic system firmware upgrades
  • Internet Down! Never miss another call with our tailored automatic failover options (With hosted you loose all calling including intercom)
  • You will never need to call a carrier again, we process all technical & billing requests for you
  • Costs: When your equipment is paid for, your savings will increase another 20-50% – (Hosted monthly rates will never go down)
L.C.D. Inc. has been providing our Virginia, Maryland & DC customers cost effective communication solutions for over 30 years.


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Your Hybrid Private Cloud: